2018 Pet Supplies Spending was $19.8B – Where did it come from…?

Spending flattened out in the second half but Supplies still had a modest gain with far less turmoil than the other segments.

Attending Global Pet Expo 2020? – The Showcase of the U.S. Pet Industry – You Definitely Need a Plan!

If you nothing else but work the show floor, you can spend 1 minute and 21 seconds with each exhibitor. You need a plan!

GLOBAL PET EXPO 2020…Showcasing The World of Pets!

Still THE place to find whatever you need or want in terms of pet products!

2018 Pet Food Spending was $28.85B- Where did it come from…?

A $2B drop in spending…but some good news. 47% of 92 demographic segments actually spent more on Pet Food.

2018 Pet Products Spending was $48.65B – Where did it come from…?

A $1 Billion increase in Supplies wasn’t enough to overcome the $2B drop in Food.

2018 Total Pet Spending was $78.60B – Where did it come from…?

The key spending trend in 2018 was a “youth” movement!

2018 U.S. Pet Spending by Generation – A Baby Boomer Bust?

Boomers Pet Spending plummets but the younger…and older groups all step up!

2018 U.S. TOTAL PET SPENDING $78.60B…UP ↑$1.47B

Boomers dial back spending but everyone else “steps up”.


Baby Boomers cut back but other groups step up to generate a spending increase!

2018 U.S. PET SERVICES SPENDING $8.72B…Up ↑$1.95B

The Gen Xers and Millennials stepped up to drive a record increase.