2017 U.S. Pet Spending by Generation – The Boomers Bounce Back!

Baby Boomers spend $6.5B more on their Pet Children!

U.S. E-Commerce $ales: Taking A Closer Look

The E-commerce “wave” continues!


An increase in the amount spent… PLUS an increase in frequency!

2017 U.S. PET SUPPLIES SPENDING: $18.58B…UP ↑$2.74B

The spending lift that started in the second half of 2016 continued and accelerated across virtually all demographics!

2017 U.S. PET FOOD SPENDING $31.11B…UP↑ $4.61B

The Pet Food Upgrade trend is becoming epidemic among Pet Parents.

Price Matters: Petflation Update – Mid-Year 2018

In 2018 prices inflate in all industry segments, with big lifts in Services and Supplies!