PETFLATION – 2018 Update; Prices turn up↑

Driven by Services and Supplies, prices move up after a record low in 2017!

GLOBAL PET EXPO 2019 – Wrapping it up!

A recap and review of the latest and biggest GPE shows 2 major exhibitor trends!

Attending Global Pet Expo 2019? – It Has It All…and More! You Definitely Need a Plan!

If you do nothing else, you can spend 1 minute and 15 seconds with each exhibitor. You need a plan!

GLOBAL PET EXPO 2019 has it all… and more!

If you are a significant “player” in the Pet Industry… or want to be, you will be at GPE 2019!

Comparing the Spending Demographics of the Industry Segments – SIDE BY SIDE

2017 was a year of “Value” which produced a tremendous lift in spending in 3 industry segments but caused some turmoil in 1.

2017 Pet Services Spending was $6.77B- Where did it come from…?

Competitive pressure caused a tumultuous spending year in a usually “calm” segment!

2017 Pet Supplies Spending was $18.58B- Where did it come from…?

An almost universal Spending Lift – 94% of all Demographic Segments!