Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – January Final & February Advance

The recovery continues into February.

Attending Global Pet Expo 2021? – The Show is “Virtual”, But You Still Need a Plan!

Breaking News – More exhibitor changes!

GLOBAL PET EXPO 2021…Packed with Opportunities!

Although a virtual event, GPE 2021 remains a “must do” for all committed Pet Industry participants!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – December Final & January Advance

Total Retail $ set a record in December, followed by a record January!

2019 Pet Services Spending was $8.62B – Where did it come from…?

A mixed result, but Services essentially held their ground at the new elevated $pending level.

2019 Pet Supplies Spending was $16.81B – Where did it come from…?

97% of demographic segments spent less leading to a record drop in $ – all due to tariffs!

2019 Pet Food Spending was $31.19B – Where did it come from…?

A strong rebound from the impact of the FDA grain free warning, but Pet Food spending became a little less demographically balanced.

2019 Pet Products Spending was $48.01B – Where did it come from…?

Pet Food $ rebounded but couldn’t overcome a record drop in Supplies due to Tarifflation!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – November Final & December Advance

December Retail $ grew to a record $620B, pushing Total Retail Sales up +$40B YTD vs 2019.

2019 U.S. Pet Spending by Racial/Ethnic Groups

2019 was a bad year for lower income minorities, Hispanics and especially African Americans.