Pet Market Growth – How much is “real”? – Part 2 – What segments are driving price increases?

“Petflation” – Pet Services are pushing prices up!

Pet Market Growth – How much is “real”? – Part 1- CPI “Petflation”

Pet Retail Sales have gone up 165.9% since 1997. Prices have increased 66.8%

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Strong Pet Businesses make a Strong Pet Industry!

SuperZoo & GPE – What’s the difference?

SuperZoo & GPE – Both huge Pet trade shows. 1/3 of the exhibitors are unique to each show.

Attending SuperZoo? Do you have a plan?

With 900+ Exhibitors you have 1½ minutes for each, if you don’t eat, drink, go to a class, go to the restroom or allow time for walking. You may need a plan!