U.S. Pet Spending Demographics: The “Ultimate” Pet Spending Household and…more!

Demographics – Get to know the consumer!


Baby Boomers: 35% of H/H’s; 40% of Income; 46% of Pet $

Pet Prices Update: October 2015 – Supply Prices In Record Drop↓

A “Mixed Bag” – Food & Veterinary Up – Supplies & Services Down!

U.S. PET SPENDING: Does the buyer’s “age” matter?

Our Pets…A lifetime commitment

Pet Prices Update: September 2015 – Things are looking UP↑

All Industry Segments Prices Are Up…Moderately

U.S. Pet Spending Up ↑$6.6B in 2014 – U.S. Government Survey

Veterinary Services and Supplies are the “Drivers”!

Petflation Update: August 2015 – The Good, the Bad and the…???

A mixed bag!

U.S. Retail Market – 2015 Midyear Update: The Race for the Consumers’ $$$?

The Internet is the big mover!

Petflation Update: July 2015 – Food Drives Total Pet Prices Down in Record Drop↓

Food & Total Pet Prices – A Record Drop!

U.S. Top 100 Retailers – Who is up? Who is down? Who sells “Pet”?

$1.9 Trillion in retail sales is impressive!