Pet Spending Gets Its Own Category

The U.S. Government Consumer Expenditure report now will feature “Pets” as a separate spending category.

Pet Market Pricing Update – August CPI Drops!

Supply segment drives the overall Pet Market prices down!

Building A Pet Business…like climbing a mountain!

Take your business “above the tree line” – to the summit!

Petflation Update – CPI in July

Service prices are up for the month and food and supply prices are down.

What’s the “best” month to buy Pet Products?

November, the month with “black Friday” is not the month to buy Pet Products and Services.

Pet CPI Update – Eh, What’s up Doc?…or down?

Service prices going up…supply prices continue down…just like last year…but now Food prices falling!

The Pet Market Bounces Back !/? 2009 > 2014 – Part 3: The Total Pet Market – The Bottom Line

Growth continues but Veterinary & Supplies Segments are a concern.

The Pet Market Bounces Back !/? 2009 > 2014 – Part 2: Pet Food and Pets & Supplies

Strong sales but what about price deflation in supplies?