Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – March Final & April Advance

The reality of strong inflation is starting to “hit home” in Retail.

Petflation 2022 – April Update: +8.1%, 97.6% of National Inflation Rate

In April, Petflation almost reached the extraordinarily high National rate.

2020 Pet Supplies Spending was $15.16B – Where did it come from…?

The pandemic caused Pet Parents to focus on “needs” so Supplies $pending continued to fall.

2022 Retail Sales Revisited – The Impact of Runaway Inflation

The difference between reported sales and “real” (inflation adjusted) sales is stunning!

2020 Pet Food Spending was $36.84B – Where did it come from…?

Binge buying drove Food $ up but it also increased the spendng disparity between demographic segments!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – February Final & March Advance

The impact of Growing Strong Inflation begins to “hit home” in the Retail Market in March!

Petflation 2022 – March Update – Inflation Again Grows in All Segments

Driven by Veterinary and Food, Petflation surged to +7.5% vs 2021, getting ever closer to the huge National increase of +8.5%.

2020 Total Pet Spending was $83.74B – Where did it come from…?

In 2020, Pet Parents focused on their Pet Children’s needs, driving spending up!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – January Final & February Advance

February was another record month for Total Retail but inflation is starting to “hit home”!

“Petflation” 2022 – February Update – Inflation Surges in All Segments

Petflation surges in all segments – the biggest increase since 2009!