Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – November Final & December Advance

December Retail $ grew to a record $620B, pushing Total Retail Sales up +$40B YTD vs 2019.

2019 U.S. Pet Spending by Racial/Ethnic Groups

2019 was a bad year for lower income minorities, Hispanics and especially African Americans.

2019 Total Pet Spending was $78.44B – Where did it come from…?

On the surface, Total Pet Spending was flat and more stable than 2018 but still moving towards higher incomes.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – October Final & November Advance

Total Retail $ fell vs October but continued to grow YTD vs 2019 due to the Relevant Retail Group.

2019 U.S. Pet Spending by Generation – Gen X CUs Still Spend the Most

The younger groups spent more on their Pets, but not enough to overcome decreases by older Americans.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – September Final & October Advance

In October YTD Total Retail $ exceeded 2019 for the first time since February!

2019 U.S. TOTAL PET SPENDING $78.44B…Down ↓$0.16B

A spending mixed bag, but a rebound in Pet Food $ was not enough to overcome a big drop in Supplies $ due to tarifflation.


Spending was up 2.7%, but inflation was up 4.1%, producing a net 1.4% decrease in the amount of Veterinary Services.

2019 U.S. PET SERVICES SPENDING $8.62B…Down ↓$0.10B

A small drop in $, but Services basically “held their ground” at their new elevated level of spending.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – August Final & September Advance

Total Sales peaked in July but the Relevant Retail Group is still gaining ground vs 2019!