Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – May Final & June Advance

June brought the first monthly year over year increase in Total Retail sales since February.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses – 6/27 Update

The situation has improved since May 2nd but we are far from a return to normal!

U.S. Pet Services Spending (Non-Vet) $8.81B (↑$0.95B): 2019 Mid-Year Update

After the biggest annual increase in history, Services Spending holds it ground!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – April Final & May Advance

If you don’t include sales from Restaurants, Auto and Gas Stations then May was positive!

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses – May Monthly Update

Still slowly moving in the right direction but recovery will take some time, likely 6+ months.

U.S. Census Bureau Small Business Pulse Survey – Measuring the Impact of COVID-19

Widespread, major negative impact. Key Business measurements are at least starting to move in the right direction… but very slowly!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – March Final & April Advance

If you thought that March numbers were bad, wait until you see April!


The impact of the FDA grain free dog food warning slows as spending turns up in the first half of 2019.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – February Final & March Advance

A strong February, then …. the turmoil of March!