In 2019, Tarifflation drove a record decrease in Supplies’ spending…across 97% of U.S. demographics!

2019 U.S. PET FOOD SPENDING $31.19B…Up ↑$2.35B

The recovery from the FDA grain free warning is under way!

2019 Pet Spending – A First Look!

Pet Food begins a recovery but Supplies take a nosedive!

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – July Final & August Advance

The overall recovery flattens but still strength in relevant retail.

2019 Top 100 U.S. Retailers – Sales: $2.4 Trillion, Up 4.5%

58 Retailers have 145,607 Stores with Pet Products……plus the Internet!

Race and Ethnicity in the Pet Industry

The Pet Industry currently reflects the inequities of U.S. society, especially for Black Americans.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – June Final & July Advance

Restaurants and Gas Stations are still struggling but the Relevant Retail Group is up $100B YTD vs 2019.

Pet Products Spending by Generation: Mid-Year 2019 Update

Spending drops were driven by older groups. Good News: Gen Z makes their first appearance.

Retail Channel Monthly $ Update – May Final & June Advance

June brought the first monthly year over year increase in Total Retail sales since February.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses – 6/27 Update

The situation has improved since May 2nd but we are far from a return to normal!